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Carbon monoxide,or co,is a colorless ,odorless gas that first makes you sick,then puts you to sleep and then kills you.Byproduct of combustion.It is produced by anything that burns fuel.Unless your home runs on entirely on electricity.CO is produced by anything that runs on fuel:gas water heaters,oil furnaces,wood stoves,gasoline engines,kerosene heaters,it emits CO.Most things that burn fuel vent exhaust gases outside. But exhaust systems can fail,so co detectors are the best way to stay safe.Install one on each level of your home. Install them in hallways near bedrooms but 15 feet away from fuel burning appliances. CO is the same weight as air.The early symptoms of CO poisoning resemble those of the flu.If the CO detector alarm sounds and anyone fells dizziness,headaches,fatigue,or vomiting,get everyone out of the house and call 911.If one fells ill.Open doors an windows ventilate the house.Turn off all potential sources  of CO.Have your home inspected by a pro.CO detectors only have a five to seven year life .If you have small children, consider buying a talking CO.