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It’s that time of year to check an clean your AC. Staying cool can be expensive. Even in moderate climates,it costs a few hundred dollars per year. So reducing cooling bill is worth some effort.The effort in cutting cooling costs also saves in your heating costs. Shade trees, trellises,vines block direct sunlight through your windows and roof, which can be about half of the heat that gets in your home. placing trees an trellises on the east an west side of your home can save you up to 30 percent of the household’s energy.Dirty air filters are number 1 cause of air conditioning breakdowns.Window units also have filters that you clean monthly.Ceiling fans save by keeping you comfortable at higher thermostat settings. Each degree higher than 78 degree will save you 5 to 10 percent on your AC cost. Cleaning your fins on your unit will save the AC .If those fins are plugged ¬†with dirt an debris ,airflow through them is reduced. That means lowers efficiency and expensive energy wasted.Straighten crushed fins, keep fins clean an you will get more for your money,all it takes is a little bit of maintenance.