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Insulation is it or is it not a good thing investment?Is your insulation adequate? That depends on a complex of things.Luckily,there’s a simple way to answer that question.Contact your utility company about an energy audit.It can recommend an auditor and may pay part of the cost.He will come to your home ,preform some tests and make a recommendations on energy savings,including insulation if needed.Different types of insulation are, R value is the resistance to heat flow a way of indicating insulation’s power to stop heat from moving though it.Closed cell foam insulation seals air leaks and delivers twice the R value per inch of other common choices.This is a sprayed on insulation.Roll batts insulation is a roll of fiberglass batts that is installed.Blow in insulation is installed by a machine that chops loose fill insulation an blows it into attics ( fiberglass or cellulose) It,s dusty work ,but faster an easier than rolling out batts.So what insulation is suited for your home.