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Avoid a few common mistakes to drastically reduce your risk. 1 Cooking fires,never leave the kitchen while something is on the stove,keep combustibles at least 3 ft away from the cook top.This includes curtains and wall hangings.If a fire starts,slip a lid over the flames. Don’t touch the pan,many grease fires become full scale house fires when a pan is carried through the house. 2 Wood stoves and space heaters, keep ┬áspace heaters at least 5 ft away from drapes,bedding and other flammables.Plug space heaters directly into outlets,not into extension cords. Don,t use space heaters sleeping.Empty wood stove ashes in to metal container. Have chimney inspected every year.3 Replace extension cords that are undersized or frayed, never run extension cords under rugs, Check all the light bulbs in your home to make sure the bulb wattages don’t exceed the fixture’s recommended maximum. Use common sense to prevent home fires.